• Rossel Mejia

    Norcross, GA

  • Jane Blakeney-Kender

    Sugar Hill, GA

  • Michael Phillips

    Canton, GA

  • Ed Smarsh

    Taylorsville, GA

  • Charlie Wade

    Blakely, GA

  • Meredith Dean

    Grantville, GA

  • Lillie Johnson

    Dublin, GA

  • Lila Jones

    Augusta, GA

  • Edythe Phillips

    Marietta, GA

  • Charles Dickerson

    Moultrie, GA

All winners will be contacted by the Georgia Lottery Corporation with instructions on how to claim their prize. Winners must provide tickets entered in order to claim their prize. The above winners have not been confirmed until they provide their ticket. Please hold onto all Maximum Green tickets entered for 60 days following the draw date should you be selected as an alternate.